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Learning Golf -- And Other Excuses for New Shoes

August 11, 2009

Make fun of me and I'll get you.

Upon the occasion of receiving my compression sleeve my husband commemorated said event by buying me my very own set of golf clubs. Now I am not the most athletic of women, but in my determination to be a vivacious individual with a positive outlook on life I am willing to give it a go. Saturday and Sunday we went to the driving range so that I could learn how to swing the golf club, and in theory hit the ball while doing it. I would like to emphasize the “in theory” of the previous statement. After I geared up with my compression sleeve and gauntlet, I lined up my feet and shoulders, adjusted my grip on the club, concentrated on moving my arms according to my husband’s directions, and swung with all my might.

Much to my chagrin the ball was still sitting perkily on the tee winking up at me…I swear the malicious little thing was laughing at me. Thus I learned my very first lesson of golf: you don’t watch your club, you watch the ball.

I think I can apply that little lesson to my treatments. If the treatment in it’s entirty is the club and the cycle I am in is the ball…I just need to keep my eye on the ball. I can’t think, “I am only starting my second month and this goes for two years.” I need to instead look at the cycle for what it is. I am already on day 5 and I only have 9 more days of this drug, 4 days of the second, and then I am back on my 10 days of rest. It really doesn’t seem so bad after all when I look at it like that. But back to golf.

So after a couple/few swings without connecting with anything, I kept my head down and actually hit the ball! It was a glorious feeling of accomplishment. Sure the ball sliced all the way to the right and only landed about 15 feet away, but I actually hit it. I actually started to get the hang of it, and the more I concentrated on the ball instead of everything else the better I hit it. The second night we went to the driving range went much better. I was consistent and hit the ball straight. I just can’t hit the ball very far. I think the best compliment was from my silence prone husband on the way home when he said, “You weren’t as bad as I thought you would be.” He just warms my heart.

So with two “lessons” under my belt I am going golfing on a nine hole course this coming weekend. I of course need golf clothes. A brilliant smile has lit my face as I realize that golf has given me a perfect excuse to buy new shoes. My grin widens as another thought hits me. “I wonder what else I can start learning that I have to buy new shoes for?” and then “Could I talk Ben into ballroom dancing?” I gathered myself and went to Dick’s Sporting Goods in order to get some golf shoes. I quickly discovered that the smallest women’s size golf shoe was a size 6 and so I was ushered over to where the children’s section was. There were four boys shoes and one girls shoe. I have no clue how to convert a woman’s 5.5 shoe size into a child’s size so the salesman brought out a range of shoes. I was a size 3. So now I am the proud owner of one pair of girl’s size 3 white golf shoes with pink polka dots. At least they match my clubs.

Don’t let the bumps in life’s road derail you from trying and learning new things. Take on the challenges and adventures that come your way and always do it with style.

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