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Compression Sleeve and Other Precautions

August 3, 2009

This week I have to try and get my compression sleeve so that I can graduate from my physical therapy. Wearing the compression sleeve is another one of the precautions that I have to take from having the ancillary lymph node dissection. I will need to wear it while flying and while playing sports or doing any other repetitive activity with my right arm.

Another precaution that one should take after having this surgery is getting a medical ID tag. Your tag should include the word lymph-edema and any other medical issues or allergies that you might have. The first thing they will do if you are injured in an accident and have had lymph nodes removed is pump you full of antibiotics to prevent infection. Since I have an allergy to penicillin this is important to note on my medical ID tag.

This past weekend I took care of getting my medical ID tag. There is a really good website that offers the medical ID tags along with pretty beaded bracelets and charms to make it cute and fashionable. the idea of this appeals to me greatly I found that the bracelets themselves are way overpriced. I essentially make and sell the same interchangeable beaded bands for my watches on my website and only charge $9 a band v. $50-$80 for a band on the medical ID website. I ended up ordering my ID tag and using my own bands for the watches which worked out quite well. 

But back to the compression sleeve. I was able to pick up the compression sleeve the same day that I went in for it. One thing that I found was that my insurance did not cover any part of the compression sleeve and gauntlett. I ended up spending $120 which everything considered is not too horrible. It is not the most comfortable thing I have ever worn and while talking to my mother on the phone she came up with the perfect analogy for it. It is Spanx for your arm. 

I decided to get a nude color instead of getting a fancy color since the nude will go with anything I wear. The compression sleeves are available in a variety of lovely colors including pink, lavender, and mint green. However, while the colors are pretty and can make you feel like the sleeve is more like an accessory instead of a necessity, the nude is really more practical. After all it goes with all of my shoes!

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