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The Comfort of Rest: Flats

June 29, 2009

I chose to participate in a clinical trial for the treatment of my melanoma. My treatment will last over a period of two years overall. The treatment involves immune booster biotherapies in the form of shots that I administer to myself. There are two different immune boosters and my shots run on a schedule that forms cycles. I am lucky in this. I have periods of rest and freedom from treatment built into my treatment schedule. It actually says on the schedule printed out from the doctor’s office and in the clinical trial protocol paperwork “rest” during the days I have no shots.


Right now I am in a time of rest which lasts a total of ten days before I start my series of shots over again. I am glad that this isn’t a no rest for the weary situation. I need that rest so that I can build myself back up for the next round of fighting. Even during a boxing match there are rounds, and as the bell dings signaling the end of the round – the fight isn’t over, but the fighter has time to breathe, time to wipe his brow, and time to gather herself for the next round. (Now I realize some may have paused at the herself in reference to the boxer, but let’s face it. I am a woman, there are women boxers, and it’s my blog - therfore “herself”.) I realize that I am lucky and that my rest is built into the treatment itself. I believe that just because it is a period of rest doesn’t mean you can just stop thinking about it. You may still have the proverbial straining muscles, mental fatigue, and mental and physical bruises, but you still have to take the moments you can to just breathe. You have to do something relaxing and fun for yourself, and give yourself the feet up on the ottoman time and wrap yourself in comfort.

Comfort means flats to a shoe addict. I mean really sometimes comfort can mean just a really great fitting pair of stiletto heals made of soft Italian leather, but for all day adventure while maintaining comfort we’ll go with flats this time. Just for God’s sake (and your own) do not put Crocs on your feet. Resist the urge to go only for comfort! They are hideous and should be burned before put on someone’s foot. I realize that they have improved with the flip flop v. the clog, but they are still just plain ugly. No, instead go for a flat with glamor, maybe with a great pattern, maybe just with a great color or small special detail, and go for one that fits what adventure/treat you are giving yourself. I mean I have an awesome pair of gold glitter ballet flats, but I am not going to wear them into the dirt and grime of a crab-feast.

So what adventures am I going to pick during my days of rest and the bigger question…what shoes am I going to wear? My first little treat I am going to plan out for myself is dinner and an evening on the water with my family. To me nothing is quite as relaxing and comforting as being out on the boat and enjoying a nice casual meal with loved ones. Now there are logistics I have to worry about with going out on the water or being outdoors in general now. The major one is staying sun protected. So instead of starting with the shoe which any self respecting shoe addict would build an outfit on I am going to have to start with the opposite end and build from a great hat. And I do have a great hat. I have a lovely asymmetric straw cloche with black ribbon detail – very retro. So with my retro hat, bright blue t-shirt with pleated collar detail, and denim pencil skirt I need a shoe with comfort, ease, and some pizazz. I of course have the perfect pair. I am going to go with my other equally awesome pair of ballet flats- the ones with a sassy leopard print.


So remember to make time for yourself to breathe, rest, and wrap yourself in comfort and above all do it with style.

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