Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shoe Addict Thriving: The Three R's



Real - Coffee Mug to Plant Holder
This morning's motivation is all about re purposing.  I love using old things in new ways and having it make a visual impact in my home decor.  I just started going to flea markets this year when my good friend Mrs. Oomph took me out to show me the ropes.  Our first time out was a great hit.  I got tons of things for really cheap and promptly became addicted to flea markets, thrift stores, and antiques.  

One of my favorite parts of flea marketing is going through a bunch of junk and looking into what will make a great treasure.  I almost always think of what things can be outside of their original purpose.  

 One of my favorite sources for re-purposing ideas and inspiration is the Real Simple magazine website.  They have an awesome section of their magazine and website titled New Uses for Old Things.  (Side Note ~ if you had to only get one subscription to one magazine I would definitely get Real Simple.  My husband got it for me two years ago and it is like Christmas every time a new issue hits my mailbox.)

Here are a couple of my favorite re-purposing projects  -  What are yours?  Submit them to this email to share

Milk pail for $2 at flea market - re-purposed to a plant holder.
Ivory Soap crate - re-purposed as a towel shelf.

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