Monday, December 10, 2012

Shoe Addict Thriving: Desk Rant



Style of Desk I wanted - not actual desk.
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I have been putting money aside for 4 months saving up for this really cool antique, drop-top desk I wanted.  I arranged with the owner of the antique store to set it aside for me and arranged to pick it up yesterday.  I got my dad to take time out of his very busy day to drive me over to the Eastern Shore an hour away to go pick up the desk in his truck. 

We had a wonderful time chatting and looking at the view from the truck windows.  We finally got there and at first we poked around outside and looked at all the stuff that was stashed all over the store.  We went inside and the owner started clearing off the desk to get it ready to load into the truck.  He cleared paths and made sure there was enough room to get through the store with the desk.  He chatted with my dad about various items he had in the shop and talked about how slow sales were lately.

Then before we took it out of the store he uttered these words, "Well, lets get the financials straight and taken care of before we do this."  For some reason the way he said it struck me as odd.  Then we went up to the cash register together and he said, "Oh, I lost the tag off of it.  Do you remember what it said?" When I told him what the tag had said he told me that he thought the desk was $52 more than what the tag was for.  I couldn't believe that he was trying to raise the price on me as I stood there to pay.  I told him that I was an auditor and one thing I remember is numbers.  He wouldn't budge so my dad and I walked away and left the store with no desk. 

So after wasting two hours of my one day off I said good bye to my dad, apologized for wasting his time, and headed home.  I was almost home when my phone rang with a number I was unfamiliar with.  I answered with my hands free and it was the owner calling to tell me he found the tag and he was wrong and I was right about the price.  I have been a repeat customer with him for a while now and I really hope he realizes that his antics and attitude not only lost him a large sale today, but also future sales. 

If you happen to be driving through Easton, MD on your way to Royal Oak down by way of Royal Oak Road and see a very large antique place with storage on either side of the road....keep driving.

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