Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Day Filled with Laughter and The One Day I Cried (Part 3)

(Read Part 1 & Part 2.)

"We went in and started looking around at the different wigs that were in the display room. After picking out a couple of styles that we thought might suit me we ventured on in search of more selection. "Can I help you?" came out of no where it was a rough and rude sounding female voice. My mom replied "we were just looking." To which the voice replied, " well, I'm in the middle of a consultation; wait out front. That is my stock room!"

"Looking at each other my mom and I trudged back to the waiting room area like chastised school children. Our Mason DNA enacted (my mom's side) and we were ready to throw down and give some stink eye. I'm glad my mom had the wisdom to just give it a chance because the store owner where the disembodied voice came from, turned out to be an extremely nice and helpful person."

"I know I lucked out with my wig. The shop owner pulled a box down that had just come in two days before and hadn't even opened yet but she thought it might suit me. We tried on one of the selections and it didn't really look right. Then I tired on the wig fresh out of the box. It was perfect. From the side I looked my mom's sister, Cindy. I tried one more wig on, but both my mother and I knew in our hearts that the second wig was the one."

"So after taking some funny pictures in the wig shop, we left wig in hand."


Next we will jump ahead to chemo and the one day that Shannon cried. Then I am going to back track to the beginning of this tragedy. I think it will be fun to go back and forth from her present writing the journal and me telling you what really happened to Shannon and how she was diagnosed and what that entailed from the beginning.

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