Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Day Filled with Laughter and The One Day I Cried (Part 2)

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"The first thing I went about doing after giving my hair to Locks of Love was to go wig shopping. It really is not an easy thing for most people to find a wig. My mom and I looked up where the local-- real good-- wig place was, and then ventured out to wig shop together. We drove to where the GPS said it was, and all we saw was a Comic Store with Star Wars Storm troopers outside. I remembered that the wig shop used to be located by one of my doctor's offices, so we drove over to the medical center. We parked in the tiny garage, walked through the hospital lobby, and finally through the building where I remembered it being. Nothing! Not a trace of it remained."

"We tried our last resort, calling our dear friend who is an oncology nurse for years (Peggy Holston). Surely if anyone knew where this place was it was her. She immediately directed us back to our first destination. So through the building, through the hospital, back into the parking garage we trekked. Feeling like the children of Israel circling the desert for 40 years we rerouted to our original destination. We pulled up again and there were still just Storm troopers, balloons, and a copy place. We felt at a loss of what to do. Finally, my mom had the brilliant idea of driving just further down the parking lot to look at the row of buildings sitting to the left of where we were looking. Sure enough, there it was, the illusive wig shop that we had hunted down so thoroughly."


Tomorrow the story of our wig shop adventure. Nothing ran smoothly for us. But there is some comedy in the story for tomorrow and a good outcome.

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