Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shoe Addict Thriving: Budget Buster-- Wilton Class



I was very excited to start the Wilton cake decorating classes at my local craft store.  It seemed a pretty good bargain too at $27 for the four week course (one night each week).  With $5 off coupons for the two follow on classes I figured I was getting a pretty good class for not too much money.  The course ends up being a budget buster though.  Here's what I ended up spending:

  1. $71 for the class "tuition"
  2. $99 for the toolkit that I thought would provide the tools I needed for the first two courses (not the case)
  3. $50 for the course 2 and 3 class kits (after the 40% off coupons)
  4. $50 for decorator icing
  5. $8 for chocolate decorator icing
  6. $11 for colored fondant
  7. $20 for gum paste
  8. $7 for white fondant
  9. $3 cake leveler
  10. $10 cake lifter
  11. $9 cupcake decorating kit
  12. $10 tip covers
  13. $6 couplers
  14. $6 various decorating tips
  15. $8 icing colors
  16. $4 piping gel
  17. $6 meringue powder
  18. $14 turntable

This doesn't even include the cost of parchment and wax paper, cling wrap, cake boards, and ingredients for making the cakes.   Now this all was spent over 12 weeks so at $32/week it really sneaks up on you.  I didn't really have to buy everything that was on the list.  If you are interested in the class here's some tips to make it more budget friendly.

  1. $72 - just buy the class kits with the 40% off coupons and it ends up being cheaper than any of the bargain tool boxes
  2. $7 - make your own butter cream and cut down the cost of frosting significantly
  3. Skip the colored fondant - I didn't really miss it and I just used the $0.99 color to tint it for the class 
  4. Skip the cupcake kit - the cupcake nail was stupid and I didn't use it at all and the only tip I needed was the filler tip - order online before you start the class.
  5. Skip the tip covers - or buy only one pack when you get to the royal icing class.
Grand total $234 a $158 savings!  To save $30 more skip the extras like the cake lifter, extra bag of gum paste, extra tips, extra colors, and extra couplers.

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