Sunday, July 29, 2012

Strength in Weakness


This begins a series of posts that will tell about the heroic and full of faith steps Shannon took in her life after diagnosis. She lived hard and strong. Having faith all along that she would be healed she also gave her life back to God many times in prayer to take or to heal. She was small in stature but strong in faith.

After finding out her diagnosis and prognosis, surgeries, and finding the only clinical trial in the area that offered hope, Shannon moved on to the next natural step of her life. On July 2, 2009, Shannon bought her first and last brand new black VW bug. She could not have been more excited. When she drove it by here to show me my internal reaction was, "Shannon you are dying, why would you buy a new car?" But Shannon had 2 1/2 years with that car and she enjoyed every minute of it.

The second thing Shannon did is this: on my birthday, July 9, 2009, she went to Franklin Square and picked up her shots and all the equipment she would need to administer both leg shots of IL2 and stomach shots of IL2. She and Ben came home and did the first of her leg shots. Shannon then ran to Sam's Club, buying me a birthday cake, Ben went to buy us all dinner, then Sean took me on the boat and there they were all waiting for us on the end of a pier with dinner and cake and Shannon in her glory showing strength in physical weakness.

This was just the beginning of things she did for others and that is what I will continue with for a while.

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