Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mexico in Shannon's Words

December 19, 2009

So, I am finishing up packing and alternately checking Air Tran’s website for our flight status tomorrow. Still on-time every time we check. I really don’t like cold weather, but even I have to admire such a beautiful white winter wonderland.

When I first heard that we were expecting this kind of weather I panicked! I immediately called Apple vacations and when I found out that the worst-case scenario was us leaving on Monday morning I breathed easy and embarked on packing.

I am looking forward to being in Mexico, but I am so glad that right before I am leaving to enjoy nice sunny weather, zip-lining over the jungle, and swimming with the dolphins I am getting an opportunity to enjoy the only part of winter I like-- snow!

It was a nice day and felt reminiscent to my childhood. What a lovely way to spend the day. The started with my brother cooking everyone breakfast – scrambled eggs, sausage links for Ben and Fer, and veggie sausage patties for me. A nice hot Chai Tea Latte and I felt ready to stay inside and enjoy my day. I leisurely packed my suitcase, watched the snow come down, read, and watched TV with my husband.

A roll of cookies, round of Boursin cheese, and some Starbucks Java Chip ice cream later…I am feeling fat, lazy, and happy. The best part of the day…being completely unfashionable and not changing out of my pajamas.

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